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SystemSafe the Product

SystemSafe is a product which is unique in the Irish SME sector in that is not an Online Backup Solution, but rather an Onsite-Offsite Data Backup and Recovery Solution. What this means is that all data is backed up to an Onsite Backup Server in the client’s office. This data is then replicated to a Replication Server at our state-of-the-art Data Storage Centre.

The SystemSafe Solution provides the ability for client Servers, PCs and laptops to be backed up to the Onsite Backup Server (and subsequently to the Offsite Replication Server) at intervals chosen during setup.

These backups can be configured to work no matter what location the PC/Laptop is in, provided an Internet connection is present. This feature of SystemSafe provides an invaluable capability for remote users and those on the move constantly to backup their data regularly.

SystemSafe the Service

The SystemSafe Solution provides Full Management of your Data Backup and Recovery System, including:

  • Installation and configuration Services
  • First Backup taken manually and transported to Data Storage Centre
  • Data Storage Policy planning and configuration
  • Monitoring of Backup completion on Servers
  • Monitoring of Replication completion on Servers
  • Support for issues relating to failed backups (this does not include Head Office Internet connection issues)
  • Data Restores to site in the event of deletions

Why Choose SystemSafe?


  • Designed for Servers, PCs & laptops
  • Backs up email, databases and user data such as documents, spreadsheets, accounts data, etc.
  • Works across Windows, Linux, Mac & FreeBSD
  • Every conceivable scheduling option (including multiple full backups) available


  • Once configured, SystemSafe runs automatically with no user intervention required
  • Works quietly in the background


  • Offers between 64 – 448 bit encryption using the powerful, military strength Blowfish algorithm

Feature Packed:

  • Intelli-Delta Technology captures byte level differences in files with the powerful RSYNC algorithm
  • Ability to take the 1st backup locally, and do incremental backups thereafter
  • Powerful compression
  • Detailed graphical reporting
  • Supports Exchange, SQL, System state/Active directory backups and lots more..

Many Restore Options:

  • Restore
  • Single Files
  • Deleted Files
  • Older versions of files

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