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Ask yourself:

Do you have a backup plan for your data, or more importantly, do you have a restore plan which will protect your business should something go wrong?

The reasons for data loss are endless:

  • Human intervention
  • Hardware failure
  • Software failure
  • Natural disaster
  • Loss
  • Theft

We can go on and on, but one thing is for sure, as time goes by the list will get longer and longer.

Your Data is Your Business!

  • Data is your Company’s most important asset!
    • Systems can be replaced
    • Premises can be replaced
    • People can be replaced (believe it or not!)
    • Data cannot be replaced!
  • Your data is growing – data usage among businesses is growing at a rapid rate and as such so is the storage requirements of businesses
  • Your data needs to be stored in more than one location – data needs to be stored at more than just the primary location, but also at a backup location to eliminate the dependence on the main office building and to provide for Disaster Recovery
  • Invariably if everything is not backed up, the risk to the business of data loss is increased significantly
  • In a competitive environment, small to medium sized businesses cannot afford to lose valuable data and incur the cost of revenue loss through lost opportunities
  • The SystemSafe Onsite-Offsite Backup and Recovery Solution completely eliminates these problems by giving you an affordable solution with the added advantage of offsite data storage and the peace of mind that your data and backups are being stored and monitored 24/7.

The Five steps to a successful Data Backup and Recovery Strategy

We believe there are five steps to a successful Data Backup and Recovery Strategy. These steps are:

  • Multiple Backups

    Multiple copies of data are required to be able to restore data from a point in time

  • Offsite Backups

    To prevent against Disaster (fire, theft, flooding etc.) Backups must be stored at a secure offsite location

  • Onsite Backups

    To enable quick recovery of data, Backups must also be stored onsite, in proximity to the Primary Storage Location (Server, etc.)

  • Monitoring

    Backups need to be monitored daily. It is pointless implementing a Backup and Recovery strategy and not monitoring its progress and to ensure successful completion

  • Follow the plan

    Backups are boring but essential to the business! The Backup and Recovery Strategy is a plan which must be followed religiously. The day the plan is cast aside is the day the risk to the business has increased significantly and the day the time-bomb starts ticking

The SystemSafe Solution takes care of the five steps above and removes the burden of managing the Data Backup and Recovery strategy from the business.

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