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SystemSafe is an Onsite Offsite Backup and Data Recovery Solution suitable for small to medium enterprises.

It works by first backing up all clients to the Local Backup Server using a pre-defined Backup Schedule as agreed between SystemSafe and the client:

This can also include remote clients such as laptops or remotely located PCs:

Note: All data is fully encrypted with up to 448-bit military level encryption before it leaves its Primary Storage Location (Server/PC/laptop).

All data is then replicated to the Offsite Replication Server at the SystemSafe state-of-the-art Data Storage Centre:

SystemSafe uses its own unique intelli-delta backup feature which ensures only data which has changed since the last backup is backed up at any time. This helps to reduce the amount of data which is backed up and subsequently the amount of data which is replicated to the Data Storage Centre.

SystemSafe further compresses the data before it backs it up, thus reducing the storage and bandwidth requirements further.

SystemSafe is run on disk to disk to disk (D2D2D) technology so the Local Backup Server and the Offsite Replication Server both store the your data on hard disks which are more durable and less likely to fail than other media.

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