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Over Online Backup:

  • No dependency on a functioning Internet connection for the Local Backup operation to complete or for Restore operations to be carried out
  • The Local Backup Server maintains a copy of your data in your office! This means Restore operations can be completed with no delay and no clogging of your Internet bandwidth
  • Multiple backups can be completed during the working day without impacting Internet bandwidth, ideal for that critical data which is changing often
  • The Local Backup Server can store up to 1TB of data, meaning you can backup ALL your data locally!
    • Most online solutions tailor your backups to reduce the amount of storage space required at their data storage facility, but with SystemSafe you only tailor the data you wish to Replicate to our Data Storage Centre. The difference is that we still backup ALL your data to the Local Backup Server
  • Much more economical and affordable, particularly for larger data volumes

Over traditional Tape Backup:

  • SystemSafe fully automate the Onsite-Offsite Data Backup operations. No user action is required.
  • Tape Drive failures – tape drives and tapes are made up of moving parts which can and do wear out on a regular basis
  • Rigid capacity – When a tape drive is unable to backup all your data, the only options are to replace the Tape Drive or to reduce the amount of data being backed up, thus increasing the risk of data loss
  • Tape Drives are susceptible to cross-contamination when faulty or dirty tapes are used in error
  • User intervention is required on a daily basis – With SystemSafe there is no requirement to:
    • change the tapes
    • follow tape rotation policy
    • take tapes offsite
    • bring tapes back onsite
    • clean the tape drive
    • monitor backup reports
  • Total Cost of Ownership is a lot less with SystemSafe

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